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Technical Seminar - February 2019

This Saturday, the 23rd of February, students of Kim Chung Do Kwan attended the second of our new regular monthly technical seminars. Guided by Master Ron Brennan and supported by Instructors and black belts, a range of kup grades were, again, able to benefit from a high level of one to one instruction.

The seminar began with instruction in etiquette – in this case, relating specifically to our uniform. Kup grades were informed/reminded of the significance of our white Dobok (purity of mind) and were shown the proper folding technique to be used when transporting uniforms to and from training. Each individual was able to practise tying their belts correctly – a task which is not as easy as it sounds for many students.

After reviewing/consolidating stepping techniques practised at last months seminar, instruction moved on to using our hands and feet to create a wide range of weapons. Hands formed fists, spears, knives etc, elbows targeted temple, chin, ribs and well formed feet struck multiple targets from knee to head. This relatively brief lesson demonstrated everyone has a wide range of weapons available to suit any situation.

Students, of all ages and grades, worked to unify their stepping and weapon formation in the practise of the Jung Shim Pal Jung Do. All Kup grades received a certificate of attendance and knowledge to forward their Martial Art practise.

We are fortunate to replace next months technical seminar with two seminars under the tuition of Grand Master Kim Yong Ho and Master Kim Jihyun – Saturday 30th March 1:00 pm - 4:00pm and Sunday 31st March 11:00am - 2:00pm, both at Willow Road Community Centre.

For anyone wishing to join Kim Chung Do Kwan or the Mudo Academy please contact Master Ron Brennan 07712 522769 or email

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