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Could I start straight away?


Yes, once the insurance paperwork has been filled in and signed students can start training in the same lesson.

Do I need to buy the suit/equipment before I start?


No. To begin students can train in loose t-shirt and bottoms.

How much does it cost?


There is an initial insurance fee of £35, after which lessons are paid monthly - see Instructors for more details.

I am out of shape, will that affect my involvement?


There is a physical element to Taekwondo, but we pride ourselves on being all inclusive and anyone can train regardless of their condition.

I trained with a different code years ago, will this be a problem?


Depending on the code with which you trained this would not be a problem. We have many students who have trained in other codes previously and have been able to restart training with us.

How often can I train?


Presently we provide 4 lessons throughout the week and students can attend any of these.

Is there age limits for who can train?


Currently we take students from the age of 6 upwards. Younger students may be taken on, this is at the discretion of the Instructor.

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