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Master Ron Brennan

Master Ron Brennan is a diligent student of Master Kim Yong Ho.  In his role as Chief Instructor he has worked to share the purpose of the true Martial Art.  Through his practise and teaching, his students are able to follow the Mudo way for good health.

Chief Instructor of Kim Chung Do Kwan

Master Hannah Hatfield

Master Hannah has trained in Taekwondo since 1997, travelling throughout Europe and to Korea to represent Kim Chung Do Kwan and the Mudo Academy. She started teaching in 2006 as an assistant Instructor in Darlington, before opening her own club in 2011. Currently Master Hannah teaches classes in Faverdale and Newton Aycliffe.

Technical Director

John Comett

John is an enthusiastic Instructor of the Martial Art. He currently teaches at the Willow Road Dojang where he works to inspire his students to achieve their potential. 


Emma Dunn

Emma is the newest Instructor with Kim Chung Do Kwan.  She currently teaches the junior class at the Newton Aycliffe Dojang.   Emma's application to traditional Martial Art has made her a popular and respected Instructor amongst younger students. 


Gill Dunstal

Gill joined Kim Chung Do Kwan after bringing her son to a class. The next class she joined and the rest is history. Gill worked tirelessly to improve her technique and gathered a deep understanding of the Mudo Philosophy. Since obtaining her black belt she has gone on to become an instructor, to support the future generations of students.


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