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In 1991 Master Kim Yong Ho, student of Grand Master Uhm Woon Kyu, founded Kim Chung Do Kwan UK, in Darlington, England.


The club (kwan), was formed whilst Master Kim was living and teaching in Darlington. During this time Master Kim produced the Pal Jung Do system of training, as recorded in the World Taekwonmudo Academy manual.  This book explains, in depth, the philosophy, breathing control and techniques of the Pal Jung Do and Pal Mudo style.


Kim Chung Do Kwan was formed to enable Master Kim to share his Martial Arts knowledge to black belts only. However ten years after its formation, Master Ron Brennan was promoted to Chief Instructor on 17th February 2001 and the club welcomed Kup grade students.


When Master Kim returned to live in Paris, Master Ron Brennan taught the Mudo Academy way through Kim Chung Do Kwan.  Under the guidance of Master Kim, Kim Chung Do Kwan is ready to expand this knowledge throughout Great Britain.  Since 2010, Master Ron Brennan has opened Kim Chung Do Kwan UK to Associate members.  This it to let new and existing students share the knowledge and providing individuals access to the Real Martial Art. 


Master Kim Yong Ho has now returned to South Korea to take up important positions within Taekwondo for the future of the true Martial Art Way.

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