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Technical Seminar Success!

Saturday the 26th January saw the first of the newly introduced, monthly technical seminars being provided for Kim Chung Do Kwan members. Led by Master Ron Brennan and supported by all club instructors and numerous senior black belts, this was a seminar in which every student could be guaranteed a high level of individual guidance. The kup grades attending on Saturday ranged from the very newest white belts to those striving for that last step towards black belt - ages 5 to 15 years.

Every black belt worked closely with kup grades to aid the development/refinement of key Tae Kwon Do skills – on this occasion, stepping techniques. Those just starting out on their TaeKwonDo journey were helped to begin to learn and practice the stances and stepping essential to their future development and more senior kup grades were guided in refining and practising technique to aid control and consistency in their practice.

While these seminars are primarily for the benefit of kup grades development and grading requirements, black belts also gained from the experience of teaching, observing how children of varying ages take instruction and newer instructors had the opportunity to receive tips/guidance from those with more experience. All students showed great focus throughout the 2 hour session - this, in itself, being a notable accomplishment for our youngest members – and demonstrated an improvement in their practice by the end of the session.

Many thanks to all those who attended and we look forward to seeing you, and all of Kim Chung Do Kwan, on the last Saturday of every month from 9:00 – 11:00 am.

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