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Kup Grade Achievement!

Recently, the diligent students of Kim Chung Do Kwan were rewarded for their hard work with grade promotions. The technical standard reflected the dedication and can-do attitude exhibited by the students in every lesson. Many of the students overcame great personal challenges to achieve this success. Master Hannah Hatfield said "Congratulations to all of the students who graded this time. Your effort and commitment is inspiring, I hope you continue to get lifelong enjoyment from practising the Martial Art".

The students came from clubs in Newton Aycliffe and Darlington, where they create an enthusiastic and motivational environment. After every grading one student is awarded the Best of Grade trophy, which is presented in recognition of true Martial Art spirit and dedication. The recipient this time was Emma Fawcett, from the Faverdale club. Since starting with Kim Chung Do Kwan Emma has demonstrated unceasing resilience and progress in her training and is a highly respected member of the club,

For anyone wishing to train in the real Martial Art please come along to any of our lessons and get started. Further information is available at kimchungdo,uk, call 07712 522 769 or find us on Facebook.

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