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Kup Grade Success

Kup Grade Success Tonight's grading was an excellent showcasing of traditional Martial Art. The hard work the students put in was evident across the board. Through the Mudo Academy syllabus the Martial Art is truly inclusive, with students ageing between 5 and 50 years old. For most of the students in attendance this was their first experience of grading and they truly rose to the occasion. The commitment shown by everyone was admirable and we look forward to seeing you grow and develop as we start now preparing for the next grading. Congratulations to you all.

Grading Results

Promoted to 8th Kup

Harvey Sugden-Scott (Darlington) Rob Kingsley (Faverdale) Ollie Jenkinson (Faverdale) Jaime Alton (Newton Aycliffe) James Henry (Newton Aycliffe) Keir Howe (Newton Aycliffe) Mila Howe (Newton Aycliffe) Isaac Hume (Newton Aycliffe) Anna Parker (Newton Aycliffe) Abbie Ramsey (Newton Aycliffe)

Promoted to 7th Kup

Jayden Heavey (Newton Aycliffe) Lorraine Thompson (Newton Aycliffe)

Promoted to 6th Kup

Emma Fawcett (Faverdale)

Promoted to 5th Kup

Ben Fawcett (Faverdale)

Promoted to 3rd Kup

Fabian Hartman (Darlington)

Promoted to 1st Kup

Ryan Griffiths (Faverdale)

Best of Grade - Abbie Ramsey (Newton Aycliffe)

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