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Kup Grade Success

Congratulations to the nine Kim Chung Do Kwan students who graded on 20th April 2017. There were representatives from the clubs at Faverdale, Newton Aycliffe and the Dolphin Centre. The students have put in weeks of hard work in training and that effort showed on the floor. Master Hannah Hatfield said "The standard of the grade was incredibly high and the students should be proud of their efforts and progress".

Promoted to 8th Kup

Brooke Atkinson and Jayden Heavey

Promoted to 7th Kup

Emma Fawcett and Ben Fawcett

Promoted to 5th Kup

Katelyn Davidson

Promoted to 4th Kup

Fabian Hartman

Promoted to 2nd Kup

Jennie Etherington, Blake Etherington and Ryan Griffiths

Best of Grade went to Ben Fawcett for his excellent focus and commitment.

Practising the real Martial Art is excellent for the improvement of mental and physical health. For anyone who wants to get involved come along to one of our classes or contact us on 07775 333 168. Alternatively visit us at or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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