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Kup Grade Success December 2016

Martial Arts students from Darlington and Newton Aycliffe brought their 2016 calendar to a close with resounding success.

Their end of year grading showcased exceptional determination, focus and skills. The students have trained with great enthusiasm in the preceding weeks and the end result was truly humbling. Instructor, Master Hannah Hatfield, said "the work the students put in every lesson was visible today. Congratulations on your achievements". This grading also marked a first for Kim Chung Do Kwan, with Dolphin Centre student Katelyn Davidson being the first person in the clubs history to receive the Best of Grade award twice, in successive grades. Keep up the hard work!

Promoted to 8th Kup Ben Fawcett, Emma Fawcett. Lauren Pressdee-Rudd

Promoted to 6th Kup Fabian Hartman.

Promoted to 3rd Kup Ryan Griffiths.

Promoted to 1st Kup Matthew Thompson.

Double Promoted to 6th Kup and Best of Grade, Katelyn Davidson.

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