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Martial Arts Against Bullying Campaign

We are using our training and knowledge to give back to the local community. Our aim is to engage children who are or have been victims of bullying to enter a Martial Arts environment which will help them build confidence, learn self defence, socialise positively and feel safe.

The 5 week course is aimed at Newton Aycliffe children who are in full time education and suffer from low self esteem or lack confidence. As Martial Artists we want to stamp out bullying, by offering this opportunity to those who have been victims to bullying/peer pressure/intimidation. Places will be awarded on a first come first served basis.

The aim of Martial Arts Vs Bullying is to provide free Martial Arts sessions for those in need to do this we have applied to the Aviva Community Fund. Therefore we are asking the people of Aycliffe to log on to and vote for the "Martial Arts Vs Bullying" project.

Full details of our project aims are available on the site. Your vote will help us secure the funding necessary to help more Newtonians live happier and healthier lives. Any support you can provide this project would be greatly appreciated!

#Antibullying #MartialArts #AvivaCommunityFund #Confidence #LocalCommunity #NewtonAycliffe

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