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Master Kim Seminar Success

At the weekend we were honoured to have Master Kim Yong Ho and the Venerable Master Kim Sang Tae visit Darlington to hold a World Mudo Academy Educational Seminar. Students were given the opportunity to learn more about the Pal Jung Do System with particular focus on the breathing techniques, as well as learning close combat self defence.

Following on from this Master Kim Yong Ho and Master Kim Sang Tae travelled to Ireland where they held a further two World Mudo Academy Educational Seminars, with Master Ron Brennan and Master Hannah Hatfield in attendance representing KimChungDoKwan and the Mudo Academy of Great Britain.

We would like to thank Master Kim Yong Ho and Master Kim Sang Tae for sharing their knowledge of the Martial Ar. Thank you also to Master Ron Brennan, President of the Mudo Academy of Great Britain and Irish Mudo President, Master Martin O'Neill for their hospitality and organisation.

Each of these seminars are an incredible learning opportunity for all students, well done to all those who attended and keep up the hard work.

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