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The   Mudo is a holistic spiritual  practice to empower the spirit, for a longer happy  life through meditation and breath control. Master Kim's Mudo academy,is a direct counter to the increasingly watered down version of the martial art, not just Taekwondo but most other martial arts that have lost there spiritual edge in favour of competition sport fighting ,in this  increasingly brutal world a calmer way is required . The Mudo way is I feel the way forward.

I myself came to the martial arts like many others as a way of  exercise, a way of self defence , luckily for me I came across Kim Chung Do Kwan,  a martial arts club that offered a lot more than just fighting, I was immediately drawn to the meditation, as I new it would help me with a level of anxiety and stress of everyday life. a difficult discipline no doubt, but a greatly rewarding endeavor.

Master Kim and Master Kim Sang Tae ,have developed a system of hole body physical and mental exercise, using breath control and physical positioning ,as well as the use of mudras, 

Hand positions that greatly intensify  the flow of universal energy .


The hole system of Pal Chung Do and Mudo are the physical element, there is also the mental element, a way to  explore the deeper aspects of your life, each pattern has a moral purpose designed to  help a clearer understanding of ones inner self .


The Do or way is the practice of searching yourself to find the correct path in your life .This is achieved in its best way by the practice of the Mudo ,throughout the training, tests surface that may not otherwise in everyday life.These tests are never easy. Then nothing worth doing is ever easy .The Mudo  strives to develop the positive aspects of an individual's personality: Respect, Courtesy, Loyalty, Humility,  Patience, Integrity, Perseverance and an Indomitable Spirit .

The practice of the Mudo is I feel the closest explanation of the Do or way,and with an open mind the true meaning of the martial art is revealed, this is more often than not misunderstood in favour of power and money. This kind of glory has a very short life .

People turn to the martial arts for many reasons. Some are afraid, looking to defend themselves. Others join for the spirituality that they perceive in such arts. They are searching for meaning in their lives, wondering why they are here. Such questions torment many, and clear answers elude. What is life? What is its purpose? Aikido teacher Tohei Koichi (1920-2011) once compared human beings to ships on undulating ocean waves. They travel to and fro with no destination in sight and, without an aim, are lost. He used to say that people should set their sights on a star. They will definitely never reach that star, but they will become steady. They will move in a consistent direction. This is an analogy to describe the Path that so many set out to find. Searching for meaning, one must find such a Path, set foot upon it, and then never look back.

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