Kim Chung Do Kwan

Taekwondo - Meditation - Sang Heng - Hapkido - Gumdo - Hwalinmudo - Kouksundo

- New Classes Update  -

Due to the effects of recent Covid regulations and guidelines, the proposed reopening of Kup Grade Blackbelt  lessons has been postponed until further notice.

Advanced GumMudo Training (selected students only)  commences

Wednesdays 23rd September 5:00-6:00pm 

Click here for further information on changes to training.

Welcome to Kim Chung Do Kwan, where we practise the real Martial Art.

Founded by Grand Master Kim Yong Ho, in Darlington, our knowledge can be traced clearly through the history of Taekwondo.

For improved mental and physical wellbeing, come along to one of our classes or contact via

"Make excuses or make changes

the choice is yours."

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