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International Success!

On Friday 19th May students from Kim Chung Do Kwan, flew to Versailles, France to represent the Mudo Academy of Great Britain and Chungdokwan UK at the Challenge International Mudo 2017 as part of a weekend of celebration and competition to mark the 20th anniversary of the World Mudo Academy. The team was lead by Master Ron Brennan, 9th Dan, Chief Instructor of the Mudo Academy of Great Britain. Also in attendance were Master Arthur Boyle, Master Sandra Roscher, Emma Dunn, Matthew Thompson and Lorraine Thompson.

The hard work and preparation paid off for the team and in spite of a high level of competition, they returned with 2 gold medals and 2 silver. The inspiring weekend also saw a range of demonstrations from the French teams in addition to a very special demonstration from Master Cheon, who was flown over especially for the event.

Kim Chung Do Kwan would like to thank our wonderful hosts, Master André Florentin and Master Julien Loesch. In addition we would like to thank Master Kim Yong Ho, President of the World Mudo Academy and the venerable Master Kim Sang Tae. Without their knowledge and diligence the Mudo Academy would not exist. To learn more about the Mudo Academy visit

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